Nia + Yoga

When I practice Nia and Yoga, I experience a sense of balance and energy that in any given moment brings me joy, clarity, inspiration, calm, release, self-love, curiosity, resolve or strength.

Each time I step barefoot onto the studio floor or pull out my mat, I create a dedicated space and time to investigate the connection and relationship between my body and mind. Like many relationships, the more I explore it, play with it, expand it and nurture it, the more it grows, flourishes and shows me things I had never imagined.

As I continue to practice and increase my teaching, the more often these sensations, inspirations and discoveries spill out of the studio and into the rest of my life. Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure whether the ideas, inspirations, revelations and resolutions I experience while moving in my practice come from my head…or my toes!

What will it be like for you?


Nia is a practice that draws on the energies of 9 different movement arts including 3 dance arts, 3 healing arts and 3 martial arts. It gives the body a space to play with strength, precision and agility in the same class as freedom, flow and flexibility. Classic Nia classes are 60 minutes in length and are done barefoot to a wide variety of music. Join me in one of my public Nia classes listed on the calendar on this page.  To learn more about The Nia Technique and my own Nia journey visit If you would like to bring a private Nia class to your workplace or community, please contact me.


Yoga provides me with stillness, stability and strength. My practice has helped me avoid and heal from injury as well as created an awareness in my body of when I am more vulnerable and how to best protect myself. Teaching private and small group sessions allows me to provide guidance and encouragement on a more intimate level.

If you are interested in a trial private yoga session or would like to bring a yoga class to your family or workplace, please contact me with the form below for rates and availability.



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