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igolu Level 2: Integrated Leadership Participant Agreement


In exchange forĀ  free participation in the igolu Level 2 practicum call series, I agree to participate to my fullest ability. I understand that the quality of my participation will directly impact my own life and the lives of those in my group.

I understand that Full participation includes the following:

  • Committing to the duration of the igolu Level Two call series
  • Participating fully and completely while engaging in the material and bringing my best energy and self to each and every igolu task.
  • Providing my best listening to others and promising to be gentle with myself as I go through my own learning process and experience of the material.
  • Taking excellent care of myself for the duration of this program
  • Leaving each conversation better for my having engaged in it
  • Recognizing that igolu teaches personal power and wholeness and that as a participant in this program I am a valued part of the whole that will make this program a success
  • Honoring my word with my “buddy” to support them throughout the process
  • Ensuring I’ve read through and understand the requirements and by-whens for assignments
  • Committing to completing 100% of the igolu Level 2 Communication Series requirements
  • Agreeing to be recorded for leader evaluation purposes

To confirm your participation, please enter the following 'agreement choice statement' in the box below: I, (your name) choose to fully participate in Christine's igolu Level 2 practicum.

8 + 5 =