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igolu is a movement

dedicated to those committed to the highest good within themselves

while supporting the highest good in others

Be the author of your unique future

Get clear on what you want.

Define how you want to feel, move, communicate and relate.

Create a unique vision, a set of solid goals and a tool kit

to keep you moving on your unique journey .

 igolu Level One: Personal Legacy

igolu Level One is designed to empower you to create the personal legacy you want to leave in the world. You will gain the tools to design your own unique legacy, to choose how you respond to situations in your life, to support your legacy through your vision and goals, and to recognize the power, and responsibility, of your words.

igolu is an opportunity for personal development  that can quickly translate into further professional development. Level One is a great experience to share with friends, family, co-workers and employees. If you are a small business looking to give back to your employees and create greater integration in working relationships, consider hosting a group for your employees.

visit for more information about igolu and its programs

Join one of my practicum groups and let’s get goal-ing!

Beginning this November I will be conducting my  igolu Level One practicum work.
As November approaches there will be 5 small group sessions available for sign-up. Each group will meet virtually or in person every 3-4 weeks for 60-90 minutes. Between each session there will be fun developmental homework assignments and times to connect with a buddy in your group.

Contact me using this form if you would like to be a part of this….its FREE!!!!

Be a part of it!

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