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About Moi

About Christine Waljeski

 I am an artist living in Malibu, California, married to a fabulous Frenchman and raising a phenomenal , curious, bilingual almost 6 year old daughter. I was raised in a family that highly valued adventure, travel, art, language, and creativity, and my work has always been a deep dive into all of it. My professional education was split between life in the UC Berkeley fine art studios and out in the hills of California mapping and studying geology. I have a lifelong love of both science and art and over the years I have often been torn between calling myself a scientist or an artist. As I get older I realize more and more that I will always be both.

I find the work that speaks to me the most are the pieces that both ground me and take me to another place or time. I want to feel the softness of the air or the bite of the breeze, the tickle of the grass or the hot sunlight on the rock. I hope you find something in here that speaks to you and asks you to be both more present in your day while also inviting you to imagine greater adventure for yourself.

Most recently I have been working in watercolor most often in a plein-air setting. With a young “apprentice” these days, plein-air painting mostly means quick furious sketches in my journal. I love that plein-air work asks me to be 100% present in nature, taking in the static details of shape and form while working to capture the dynamic and everchanging light and feeling.

Over the years I have worked in stone-carving, lost wax casting, printmaking, oil painting, ceramic sculpture and more. While as of late I work most often in watercolors, I look forward to returning to and sharing more works in a variety of media. 

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